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Screencasts about the Flutter™ SDK by Google

Episodes every Monday and Thursday

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
void main() => runApp(TinyCasts());
class TinyCasts extends StatelessWidget {
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return MaterialApp(
title: 'TinyCasts',
theme: TinyCastsTheme(),
home: Home(),

Available Series

Flutter Basics

Custom Colors Poster

Episode 1

Find out how to define a custom color


Bring your App to life

Hello World, TinyCasts! Poster

Episode 1

In this episode I show you the application we're going to build.

Install Flutter Poster

Episode 2

This episode goes through installing Flutter on a Mac OS.

Create your Flutter App Poster

Episode 3

After this episode, you'll have created your first Flutter App.

Define a Theme Poster

Episode 4

We'll define our App colors in a Custom Theme

Add Custom Fonts Poster

Episode 5

Our app can make use of some custom fonts. Let's add them.

Setup Firebase Cloud Firestore Poster

Episode 6

Let's go through setting up Firebase and testing it


State Management

Flutter Hooks -- useState Poster

Episode 1

useState hook is a simple and effective way to manage state in your widgets


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Is there a defined frequency for this screencast?

Yes. Episodes go live every Monday and Thursday. I'll need your help to give feedback on whether you like the content, format and any other detail.

Is TinyCasts a Flutter Course, Training or set of Tutorials?

Yes and No. TinyCasts is a course in terms of content completeness, but not in schedule. TinyCasts don't have a finish line, it's a place that continuosly deliver content so you can learn Flutter tutorials, examples.

Do I need to know Dart upfront to follow flutter lessons?

You don't. No Dart experience is required. We'll have some Series related to Dart, so you can sharp your Dart knowledge.

Is there a day that new episodes are published?

New Episodes are published every Monday and Thursday.

I saw some Udemy / Udacity Courses with different topics than the ones offered here. Will this change?

It will. TinyCasts provide different Series based on a specific topic. From Flutter basics to advanced topics like Flutter Animations, Authentication using Flutter Firebase Auth libraries, etc. Therefore at a given time, all types of topics will be covered.

Do I need to be a Pro member to watch content?

No. There are episodes that require a Pro membership, but you can still watch all free Flutter and Dart episodes.

Will you create Flutter Web related episodes?

Absolutely. Aiming to create Flutter Episodes for all major platforms, like iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.

I have a topic I would like to learn more. Can I send suggestions / feedback?

Absolutely. You can reach out by email at contact@tinycasts.dev or by chat in the bottom/right corner of this page.