What are the goals of TinyCasts?

We aim to be your high quality, practical, useful and all-things-Flutter place to learn Flutter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is TinyCasts a Flutter Course, Training or set of Tutorials?

A: Yes and No. TinyCasts is a course in terms of content completeness, but not in schedule. TinyCasts don't have a finish line, it's a place that continuosly deliver content so you can learn Flutter tutorials, examples.

Q: Do I need to know Dart upfront to follow flutter lessons?

A: You don't. No Dart experience is required. We'll have some Series related to Dart, so you can sharp your Dart knowledge.

Q: Is there a day that new episodes are published?

A: New Episodes are published every Monday and Thursday.

Q: I saw some Udemy / Udacity Courses with different topics than the ones offered here. Will this change?

A: It will. TinyCasts provide different Series based on a specific topic. From Flutter basics to advanced topics like Flutter Animations, Authentication using Flutter Firebase Auth libraries, etc. Therefore at a given time, all types of topics will be covered.

Q: Do I need to be a Pro member to watch content?

A: No. There are episodes that require a Pro membership, but you can still watch all free Flutter and Dart episodes.

Q: Will you create Flutter Web related episodes?

A: Absolutely. Aiming to create Flutter Episodes for all major platforms, like iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.

Q: I have a topic I would like to learn more. Can I send suggestions / feedback?

A: Absolutely. You can reach out by email at contact@tinycasts.dev or by chat in the bottom/right corner of this page.